BAM sauces are a revelation…

We are British, so we love sauces with our food. It could be ketchup on our bacon roll, brown sauce with our full English, or mustard with our roast beef.

We are also BAM, however, so we can’t be normal.

BAM sauces have attitude… It’s our fault really. It’s the way we made them. A complete lack of respect for convention. We’ve created a range of sauces so naughty, you’ll really enjoy spanking their bottoms!

Our range of sauces are based on standard English condiments but each has a unique flavour profile and a kick of chilli heat. BAM sauce relies on awesome flavour combinations of a few  good ingredients. We have kept things simple here, so you won’t need a dictionary to read the ingredients list.

We don’t want to limit your culinary adventures, so these BAM sauces can be used as glazes, marinades or cooking sauces – anywhere where you think your recipe could do with an injection of kick-ass flavour.


We’ve combined scorched sweet red peppers and juicy tomatoes with a fiery jalapeno heat to bring you the ultimate kick-ass red sauce.

This sauce is sweet and fiery deliciousness, perfect in place of boring old tomato ketchup. It is particularly suited to adding to recipes – we think that it’s awesome as a glaze on pork belly burnt ends, cooked low and slow in a BBQ.

BAM Brown

A classic British brown sauce, rebooted for the 21st century with a fiery injection of jalapenos.

We have really kept things simple here by using apples and prunes which hark back to the original British brown sauce. The sauce is fruity and tangy and has a kick of jalapeno at the end. Perfect with a steak and ale pie, the full English and, of course, is sublime with a BAM bacon butty.

BAM Yellow

A mellow yellow American-style mustard with an extra kick of Amarillo chillies.

Don’t let the mellowness of the American style mustard fool you here! BAM yellow will finish with a great heat kick from the Amarillo chillies, notching up the taste sensation a couple of levels. This sauce is amazing with a hot dog or burger, but will also add an awesome depth of flavour when its used as a glaze on your Sunday roast beef. Just make sure you warn grandma before she eats it!