Slab Bacon

BAM Bacon. Let’s face it….It’s pretty bad-ass….

BAM bacon tastes amazing, smells incredible, and eating it makes you more sexually attractive.

At BAM we really know our bacon.

We are producers of high-quality, traditionally dry cured bacon but with a twist: A unique hot smoking process that really brings out the amazing flavour of the bacon.

As well as our awesome ‘naked’ BAM bacon, we have some bad-ass flavour infusions including chilli, herb and garlic.

We start with pork from outdoor reared, high welfare healthy pigs raised in the beautiful South West countryside. Then we hand rub our special cure mixes into the pork, allowing plenty of time for cure to work its magic. We use a combination of hot smoking with cherry and hickory woods and air-drying, removing most of the moisture ensuring that it hardly shrinks in the pan or leaks that white gunky crap. That’s because we don’t inject our bacon with water to bulk it out, and we don’t inject brine to cure it. This means you get more meat for your money.

At BAM, all you’ll get is awesome, honest, delicious, thick-cut streaky and back bacon.

We’ve also created a range of kick-ass sauces and pickled eggs. These not only complement our amazing bacon but would enhance most meals.