BAM Sauce

BAM Sauces are a revelation…

We are British, so we love sauces with our food. It could be ketchup on our bacon roll, brown sauce with our full English, or mustard with our roast beef.

We are also BAM, however, so we can’t be normal.

BAM Sauces have attitude… It’s our fault really. Its the may we made them. A complete lack of respect for convention. We’ve created a range of sauces so naughty, you’ll really enjoy spanking their bottoms!

Our range of sauces are based on standard English condiments but each has a unique flavour profile and a kick of chilli heat. BAM sauce relies on awesome flavour combinations of a few  good ingredients.We have kept things simple here, so you won’t need a dictionary to read the ingredients list.

We don’t want to limit your culinary adventures, so these BAM sauces can be used as glazes, marinades or cooking sauces – anywhere where you think your recipe could do with an injection of kick-ass flavour.


  • BAM Brown Sauce

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  • BAM Red Sauce

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  • BAM Yellow Sauce

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