What do you mean by bespoke bacon?

What is more exciting than designing your own bacon product? The lovely people at BAM are offering you that exact opportunity where you can work with us to develop some bacon that fits your needs for a unique birthday present, an original corporate gift, unusual wedding favours or even bespoke bacon for your restaurant?

How do I decide what I want?

Bacon is a complex food with many variables to consider which if you take all into account can give you a pretty much infinite number of possibilities which will make your bacon unique to you.

All we ask is a minimum order of 6kg of the same type of product. As each order is different we cannot give you a price as it very much depends on what your requirements are. However, the more you order the cheaper it will get! To place an order just drop us a line at hello@bamfood.co.uk and we will be in touch to discuss… Simple!

What are the options?

Option Choices
Type of cut
  • Back
  • Streaky
  • Collar
  • Very thin – think pancetta
  • Thin
  • Medium
  • Thick – this is our normal
  • Very thick – bordering on gammon
  • Slab – left as a single slab for you to cut
Fat Content
  • We can pick out certain cuts to either reduce or increase the fat levels in the bacon; some people like the fat, some hate it!
Hot Smoked
  • We only do hot smoked bacon now but we can provide you with “green” (unsmoked) if you prefer.
  • You can also dictate how long you would like the smoke to be in the chamber as well.
Wood (if it is to be smoked)
  • Apple is very mild with a subtle fruity flavour and slightly sweet
  • Cherry is fruity and mild and adds a nice colour to the meat
  • Mesquite is very strong with a somewhat earthy flavour
  • Hickory is sweet with some strong overtones, heavy bacon flavour
  • Oak imparts a very heavy smoke flavour
  • Or any combination of the above!
Aromatics in the cure
  • We can add most flavours to the cure to start to impart a subtle flavour: herbs, spices, fruits, etc. It is very much up to you!
Aromatics applied after cure
  • If you want a stronger flavour profile in the finished bacon we can apply a rub of your choice to the outside of the bacon.
Rind (skin)
  • Rind left on so you can have a nice crispy crackling
  • Rind removed which makes it easier to eat in a sandwich
Cut length
  • Only relevant for streaky cuts.
  • We can cut your bacon with the grain at lengths of up to 300mm. Ideal for wrapping!
Salt content
  • We use a low level of salt in our bacon which we feel gives the best salt to flavour profile – this is just our opinion, however! If you want less salt we can reduce it slightly from our normal levels, or if you are a salt fiend feel free to up it!
Nitrate free
  • While we use nitrates in our bacon, some people prefer it free from nitrates. We can provide this.
  • No label – sent to you in vac bags for you to apply your own labels
  • Bespoke designed labels – we can work with you using our in-house designer to come up with the ideal packaging for your product
  • You send us the packaging and we will insert it for you
  • We will send it all to you
  • We will distribute on your behalf to your clients, guests, restaurants, etc. using our low-cost couriers